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Company Profile

  • EBDA Engineering & Developement company is a pioneer company working in the field of biomedical equipment services.

  • The company was incorporated under the Companies Act in 2003

  • It has commenced its Marketing Division in purchase, storage and distribution of Medical systems from March 2007, and still growing in steady steps.

  • Nowadays, we have a very good service network overall Syrian cities, in addition to our continuous following and support for Syrian-Universities researches

  • Its primary objective is to ensure ready availability of quality medical systems in the Medical sectors throughout Syria, Lebanon & Jordan.

  • Excellent experience in the field of maintenance for the following equipments: MRI, Digital X-Ray, ICU Monitors, ECG, Ultrasound, Prosthetic Limbs, Dental Equipment, Digital Imaging Dental Equipements.

Working Strategy

To provide speedy and effective customization:
  • Efficiently meet market requirements

  • Experienced, skillful maintenance staff

  • Efficient product engineering capability

Market Position

  • A Nationwide Leader in Digital Dental equipments.

  • Service over 150 business partners and customers in nationwide market.

  • Nationwide relations with medical staff in Syria and Lebanon, in both public and private sectors.

  • Quick response customer demands with very Excellent technical support.

  • Eight branches in the main Syrian cities.

Philosophy & Vision

  • Our customer is the most important factor

  • Maintenance of high ethical standards is essential to maximum success

  • Ensuring the Supply of Highly Quality products and Stable services that contribute to achieve highest customer satisfaction